All Eyez On Me, an exhibition by Jazmin Dua  
  All Eyez On Me, an exhibition by Jazmin Dua

How ironic I thought to myself as I observed the photographs displayed on the walls. A moment captured, as a surveillance camera records your every move. A staring contest between two lenses separating two different worlds. Each photograph representing an eye, watching you as the vibrant colors or black and white contrast brought them to life. The artist Jazmin Dua explains that society has developed an ordinary life style with the presence of surveillance cameras. Cameras that are present on almost every corner in the city, going unnoticed. Watching us from the moment we wake up to the moment we are sound asleep. Shouldn't we feel violated and afraid that we are being watched 24/7?

Jazmin tells me her adventures of unexpected encounters as she explores the city to take these photographs. One involves being stopped by a police officer as she proceeds to document her journey. He questions her with suspicion and warns her to be careful before he leaves her be. In another instance she was photographing a surveillance camera in a store when the store manager barges out asking what her business was taking pictures of their cameras. All this while she, and we, are being documented.

On the second floor of the gallery she played a surveillance video that was taken from a street corner. On the big screen we observed the traffic of people and cars throughout the day, taking us to the other side of the lens. The disturbing reality of someone watching our every move is quite unnerving.

Through her work Jazmin reveals that though we are constantly being watched, we accept it as a part of our reality because we are unaware of the surveillance. We only feel violated when it is obvious that we are being watched, like having your photograph taken.

Written by Sandra Zhong
Chicago Arts District
Marketing/Administrative Assistant
312-738-8000 ext. 118

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